Sooner Chapter, Norman Ok.
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 AMBUC Scholars 

This project represents the largest single private source of educational grants for therapists in America.  AMBUCS has provided over seven million dollars to educate physical and occupational therapists, speech pathologists and hearing audiologists. 


AmBility Projects

AmTryke Therapeutic Tricycle

Gives children and adults with disabilities their first set of wheels -- a unique therapeutic tricycle which is driven by either hands or feet or a combination of both.  It improves motor coordination, increases self-esteem, provides exercises and is fun to ride.
Veterans with Disabilities

It is only recently we’ve expanded our tricycle models to include several that are suitable for adults.  We have a variety of seating and support arrangements available so that a tricycle can be made to support most individuals.  Some are handlebar driven while others are foot driven.  The great part is that they provide very beneficial exercise while at the same time promoting mobility and independence for their riders.  We have begun to work closely with organizations supporting our veterans who are disabled.  Recently at our national convention in Memphis, AMBUCS donated 22 tricycles including several different models and adaptations to fit a group of veterans with disabilities from the Memphis area.  This process culminated in the 1st Annual AMBUCS Veteran’s Ride, several miles in duration through downtown Memphis with every veteran able to make it the whole way.  For some, their children rode bicycles right along with them.  There were lots of smiles all around. 

 Some of the veterans were coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan – others were disabled by the Vietnam war.  Many had prosthetics; several had significant paralysis in some parts of their bodies.  We think this is a group of men and women we want to help…so if you don’t deal with children, you might want to take a look at what we have done to help adults.

Ramp Building 

Building ramps to create accessible homes and businesses for people with disabilities is another project which AMBUCS chapters hold close to their hearts.  A  
ramp building guide is now available for members.  The guide provides extensive information and instructions to build safe, top-quality wheelchair ramps.  The Oklahoma City and Edmond chapters currently build ramps.  Check the chapter directory at for current contact information.  The Sooner chapter does not currently build ramps but we are exploring doing so in the future.

Universally Accessible Playgrounds

Building and refurbishing playgrounds that can be used by children regardless of abilities is becoming an increasingly popular project among AMBUCS™ chapters. Whether it is adding universal usage playground equipment or building all-new playgrounds, members understand the importance of these playgrounds.

The Sooner chapter is currently working with the Oklahoma City Chapter to raise funding to build a universal playground in Moore.  This is being co-sponsored by the City of Moore and will be in the Buck Thomas Park, 1903 NE 12th Street.  This 80-Acre park is already a destination for all sorts of family activities.  We plan to make it accessible to everyone including those fathers and mothers who have disabilities.  

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