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AmTryke Therapeutic Tricycle 


These tricycles come in various sizes and provide kids with disabilities their first set of wheels.  The Tryke is driven by either the hands or the feet -- or a combination of both.  It improves motor coordination and cardiovascular conditioning plus provides physical therapy and an opportunity to socialize with other children.

This tryke will benefit children with low muscle tone (like spina bifida) and children with cerebral palsy who need to build up normal muscle tone and control.  The benefits include increased coordination, improved muscle strength, and improved balance.

Some children with mild coordination and balance problems can benefit from using the AmTryke. They are usually the ones who cannot ride a bicycle or tricycle. Some children have progressed from the AmTryke to a regular bicycle with training wheels. AmTrykes have also shown to help children walk with less assistive devices

Demonstration sites are available throughout the
US where children may be evaluated for an AmTryke free of charge.  Once the evaluation is completed and a therapist recommends an AmTryke, AMBUCS chapters raise money to donate them.


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